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Written by Max Gross, 30 March 2020

With 37 per cent of Australia’s workforce at risk of job loss because of businesses and workplaces ceasing operation due to the novel coronavirus pandemic,  my other half is working from home and is lucky her employers could arrange that.

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Hey Hey Ho Ho! Bothism has got to Go!

The Red Window

An emboldened Morrison Government means that Labor under an Albanese Leadership will respond very differently to what we are used to. How we respond to Labor under Albo’s leadership is something we should discuss. For one, Bothism has got to go!

It’s About the Long Game

In an interview with the Guardian this week, Labor leader, Anthony Albanese gave us an insight into how Labor will respond in the current political environment. Our response to that is crucial. What he put forward and the space we are in at the moment, impacts on how this will play out for Labor. Our response to Labor, as they navigate the worker hating evangelist gobshite with no visible agenda, is crucial.

Firstly, despite plenty of doubts, particularly on Twitter, Albanese firmly plants his feet as a progressive with a progressive history.

“I’m a progressive. I’ve been active for a very long period of…

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The Max Gross Archive

Scorched earth agenda ramps up after LNP scrapes back into government

Written by Max Gross
Saturday 1 June 2019

“That’s a slogan, not a policy” – Anthony Albanese

“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want too test a man’s character, give him power” – Abraham Lincoln

“He who wins through fraud is not a winner” – Umar ibn al-Khattab (Al-Farooq)

“Aussies are happy in their materialistic world as long as water is coming out of the tap and nothing bad lands on their doorstep” – Sue C.

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George Pell: Guilty of child sexual assault

Untitled-4.pngClose confidante of former Prime Minister Tony Abbott, George Pell, Australia’s most senior Catholic, has been found guilty of child sexual abuse.

A jury delivered the unanimous verdict on 11 December in Melbourne’s county court, but the result was subject to a suppression order and could not be reported until now.

Despite spending up to $2 million on a top legal team, bankrolled by a trust fund, the Cardinal lost his fight against the charges. He will not return to Rome and may end his days in a jail cell with his name on the sex offender’s register

He was found guilty of violent sex assaults against two young choirboys.

The jury of eight men and four women took three and half days to rule unanimously that the Cardinal, who stepped aside from his role in Rome when he was charged by Victoria Police in June 2017, attacked the boys…

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On the dangerous dishonesty of Rule of Law


With an outbreak of interest in and ignorance of two legal precepts, Rule of Law and the 1500-year-old lex iniusta non est lexan unjust law is no law at all, here is a bit of background on origins, authors, influences, and adherents.

The bones of the debate are this: the highest placed union leader in Australia, Sally McManus, was asked by Leigh Sales on 730 (ABC1) if she “believes” in the Rule of Law. McManus based her reply on the natural law philosophy that laws must have a moral dimension and a relationship to justice – and ought not cause injustices.

Over the years, philosophers have disagreed on the correct response to an unjust law, and have attempted to codify types of injustice. Do we leave the state which makes unjust laws for a more just society which does not? Do we obey the unjust law for the…

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Jay Weatherill tears Josh Frydenberg a new one on national TV!

The insipid  Josh Frydenberg has had his arse handed to him on a plate by SA Labor Premier Jay Weatherill during an extraordinary press conference in Adelaide earlier today.

Tensions flared, as a sheepish Frydenberg was left reeling from a severe lashing from the SA Premier who accused the Federal Government of “disgraceful” conduct.

Mr Weatherill called the Snowy River Hydro expansion announcement by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull as a “$2 billion insult” to South Australia, while branding the Commonwealth’s overall approach as reactive and panic-driven after years doing nothing.

“It shows that the Commonwealth government are in a white knuckled panic about national energy policy. It is a $2 billion admission that the national energy market has broken and there needs to be public investments to actually fix it up.”

“We have today this two billion-dollar insult where money is being spent to keep the lights on in Sydney at…

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Can Turnbull Survive today’s Horror Poll?


The chaotic rabble over at the Coalition are today waking to another a Newspoll that shows their election losing streak continues unabated with Labor now leading 55% to 45% on a two-party-preferred basis.

This massive 10 point lead would see the Coalition wiped out if an election were held today

The Coalition has also been haemorrhaging voters to Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party, which has doubled its primary vote to 10% since November, now matching the Greens.

Outspoken Nationals member George Christensen would struggle to keep his Queensland seat if an election were held today, with voter support for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation and the Liberal/National party now neck and neck, according to new polling.

One Nation and the LNP now have 30 per cent each of the primary vote, according to polling last week by ReachTEL and commissioned by the Australia Institute.

The doomsday prognosis comes in the wake…

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