On the dangerous dishonesty of Rule of Law


With an outbreak of interest in and ignorance of two legal precepts, Rule of Law and the 1500-year-old lex iniusta non est lexan unjust law is no law at all, here is a bit of background on origins, authors, influences, and adherents.

The bones of the debate are this: the highest placed union leader in Australia, Sally McManus, was asked by Leigh Sales on 730 (ABC1) if she “believes” in the Rule of Law. McManus based her reply on the natural law philosophy that laws must have a moral dimension and a relationship to justice – and ought not cause injustices.

Over the years, philosophers have disagreed on the correct response to an unjust law, and have attempted to codify types of injustice. Do we leave the state which makes unjust laws for a more just society which does not? Do we obey the unjust law for the…

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Jay Weatherill tears Josh Frydenberg a new one on national TV!

The Gutter Trash

The insipid  Josh Frydenberg has had his arse handed to him on a plate by SA Labor Premier Jay Weatherill during an extraordinary press conference in Adelaide earlier today.

Tensions flared, as a sheepish Frydenberg was left reeling from a severe lashing from the SA Premier who accused the Federal Government of “disgraceful” conduct.

Mr Weatherill called the Snowy River Hydro expansion announcement by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull as a “$2 billion insult” to South Australia, while branding the Commonwealth’s overall approach as reactive and panic-driven after years doing nothing.

“It shows that the Commonwealth government are in a white knuckled panic about national energy policy. It is a $2 billion admission that the national energy market has broken and there needs to be public investments to actually fix it up.”

“We have today this two billion-dollar insult where money is being spent to keep the lights on in Sydney at…

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Can Turnbull Survive today’s Horror Poll?

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The chaotic rabble over at the Coalition are today waking to another a Newspoll that shows their election losing streak continues unabated with Labor now leading 55% to 45% on a two-party-preferred basis.

This massive 10 point lead would see the Coalition wiped out if an election were held today

The Coalition has also been haemorrhaging voters to Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party, which has doubled its primary vote to 10% since November, now matching the Greens.

Outspoken Nationals member George Christensen would struggle to keep his Queensland seat if an election were held today, with voter support for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation and the Liberal/National party now neck and neck, according to new polling.

One Nation and the LNP now have 30 per cent each of the primary vote, according to polling last week by ReachTEL and commissioned by the Australia Institute.

The doomsday prognosis comes in the wake…

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Julie “Kardashian” Bishop shows her true allegiance is to UN global govt

The Blast!

I don’t know how smugness became the prime characteristic of politicians, but Julie “Kardashian” Bishop, aka the cockroach of Canberra, has it in spades. With her endless self satisfied expression, and a media presence that emphasizes her elitist Hollywood and global political connections, she does not seem to give a damn that so much of what she says and does runs counter to the ideas of so many Liberal Party supporters.

Here’s an example. A flowery statement from her web site that arrogantly diminishes Australia’s sovereignty and pushes for one world rule by the corrupt and communist controlled United Nations.


Julie Bishop betrayed Tony Abbott and was a key player in installing Malcolm Turnbull as Prime Minister. An act that has virtually destroyed the Liberal Party and will most likely see their defeat at the hands of Labor and Bill Shorten next election.

She appears to lead a lavish lifestyle…

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Cory Bernardi dumps LNP as Talcum Tanks in Polls!

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With thanks to our exclusive sources, The Gutter Trash can reveal the rabid right-wing conservative MP and Tony Abbott loyalist Cory Bernardi is set to walk away from the Liberal Party within the next 48 hours.

Bernardi was gutted when the comparatively moderate Malcolm Turnbull sabotaged former Liberal Party Leader Tony Abbott in September 2015 and assumed control of the Liberal Party in an overnight coup.

Since then, Bernardi has formed a coalition of conservative MPs within the LNP consisting of the likes of Erica Abetz, Tony Abbott and George Christensen. This vocal minority have been accused of not-so-secretly holding the Prime Minister to ransom over contentious issues like “equality” and “protecting the environment.”

Now, in the wake of an abysmal poll that would signal the complete annihilation of the LNP if an election were held today, Bernardi is expected to confirm…

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Turnbull government in crisis; fobs off nation with review.

Urban Wronski Writes


Pleonexia … originating from the Greekπλεονεξία, is a philosophical concept which roughly corresponds to greed, covetousness, or avarice, and is strictly defined as “the insatiable desire to have what rightfully belongs to others”, suggesting a … “ruthless self-seeking and an arrogant assumption that others and things exist for one’s own benefit”.[1]

“We are dealing with other peoples’ money,” intones Malcolm Turnbull, taking the high moral ground as he fronts a thin press conference on the afternoon of Friday 13th. Other people’s money. Who would have thought? Tell Centrelink.

The conference room is almost empty. The Canberra Press Gallery is either on holiday or heading for happy hour. A bored government staffer stands to one side; a stage-manager, ready to call time on any questions after the Prime Minister’s hammy but low-energy performance. The atmosphere is let’s get this show off the road.

Turnbull grips the edges…

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