Budget Night Bingo!


It’s back!

Our fun-filled budget night extravaganza that happens only once a year – Budget Night Bingo!  Brought to you by our valued new sponsors Berocca and Smirnoff.

For those who are unfamiliar with the territory here’s how it works…

You will need:

At least two bottles of an acceptable red wine (or equivalent)

Some snacks

A piece of cardboard

A pair of scissors

Some glue or sticky tape

A pen (or pencil)


  1. Print out the “”EXCLUSIVE”” Gutter Trash Bingo card pictured above
  2. Stick it on to the piece or cardboard using the glue or some sticky tape, or blu-tack even.
  3. Tune in to the ABC to watch ScoMo’s Federal Budget speech on Tuesday night.
  4. When he says something that’s printed on the Bingo card, have swig of grog.
  5. Repeat until pissed.

P.S. The Gutter Trash encourages responsible drinking. Enjoy alcohol in moderation or drink a much as you…

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