Election defeat could finish the LNP for good


The stage is set for a D-D (delusion and drama) election on Saturday July 2nd  – and that’s just a mere eleven weeks away.

It’s going to be a fun-thrilled ride, with Malcolm Turnbull successfully securing the trigger for the election after ‘those opposite’ refused to acquiesce to his royal demands for a building a construction industry watchdog to be reinstated to watch over how buildings are assembled by tradies and the like (or something like that).

Oddly enough, ‘the rest of Australia’ couldn’t really see what all the fuss was about, unless you were someone with an unhealthy obsession with Unions.

However the scrag fighting has already begun, with our well-paid elected representatives accusing each other of lies, deception and fraud.  And that’s just within the LNP.

Once the golden boy of Australian politics, the member for Goldman Sachs, has in the space of a few short months…

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