A Turdball Kind of Christmas..

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malcolm-turnbull-nbn+A Turdball kind of Christmas…

With Christmas fast approaching, and things not looking really flash in the last couple of weeks for the Turdball  (and I use the term loosely   😛   ) “led” LNP.

With the defection of  Macca, to the Nats   😯   , the disastrous “Captains picks”, hot on the heels of the widespread condemnation of Abbott’s “Captains picks”, which at best shows a distinct lack of judgement on Turdball’s part too, and all the chatter, backgrounding and whiteanting, from the Abbott camp; is it any surprise that the only Christmas spirit enjoyed by the aforementioned Turdball, will be out of a bottle!

And some have suggested that by the look of his ruddy proboscis, he’s already well and truly started   😯

So here’s my take on the LNP Christmas 2015   😀

A Turdball kind of Christmas…

A Turball kind of Christmas

Is a…

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