They just don’t get it!

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They just don’t get it!idiot boy

Well I have to say, that over the last few weeks, I’ve been gobsmacked by the the way that Abbott and the LNP’ers have raised the bar of complete and utter hubris and stupidity, to dizzying heights   😯

I mean, when the Helmet Hair expenses rorts debacle just went on… and on… and on, I thought this is madness, even for the Abbott   😯

Then, while the Australian public are still seething over “Choppergate”, up pops Dyson “The commissioner who sucks” Heydon, and here we go again   😯

And the strangest thing of all, is that before our very eyes, we’ve seen the LNP’ers go from sadly delusional   😦   to madly delusional   😕   to completely bat shit crazy   O_o   o_O

Now who’d a thunk that watching a political party head lemming like towards the nearest cliff…

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