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the-tide-has-turnedIn January this year I got an email from Michael (site owner for those who don’t know) saying

“We had 1.95 million visitors in our first year and I reckon we’ll easily get 3 million this year.”

A quick look at the stats shows that, 4 months after that email, we look like going over 4 million views sometime this week, or even today if Victoria writes another blockbuster.  Her last story has had well over 400,000 views in two days.  That is over 2% of the adult population of Australia (and yes I realise some were repeat views but still, that’s a lot of people considering we only need to change 30,000 votes in marginal seats, or get young people to enrol, to change the government).

The wonderful thing about this site is the contribution made by the commenters.  I have learned so much from their insights, their knowledge…

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