The Mouth that Roared

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Mouth that roared.

The problem with having a big mouth is that it continually gets you into trouble. Malcolm Turnbull and John Howard recognised this with Christopher Pyne and never considered him for a senior position in the parliament. Abbott however, together with Mirabella thought both of them were front bench material. Pyne in particular gives the impression that he is so mean that if you paid him a compliment he would ask you for a receipt.

The events prior to and after Bill Shortens Budget in Reply speech aptly confirms his capacity for foul-mouthed venomous invective.

The first was when he called either Shorten or Burke a cu@t on the floor of the house. It is uncertain which one he was addressing but the word he used is categorically, unambiguously and incontestably the one in question. Or your ears deceive you. For the speaker not to eject him for vulgar crudity was…

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