Where the money won’t be coming from


Or, I’m not an economist, but… part 2

The government’s explanations of its savage cuts to welfare along with increases to charges/levies/taxes, whatever you want to call them, are bordering on the embarrassing. First, Joe Hockey called an end to an age that never existed. This was followed by straw-man inferences that unemployment and disability benefits are public subsidies for sitting at home watching television. Then the treasurer went on to express surprise at the “screaming” about the Medicare (ahem) “co-payment” of $7, saying that it was only the equivalent of a couple of beers or a third of a packet of cigarettes.
Really, Joe? Cigarettes? Are we still living in the 70s?

Mr Hockey can parse the value of $7 any way he likes, whether it’s beer, cigarettes, coffees, hamburgers, magazines, these are all things that people living at or below the poverty line can’t afford. He would perhaps…

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