Can ‘The Australian’ stoop any lower?

The Australian Independent Media Network

The Australian Prophetically, on the morning of his budget address Joe Hockey admitted to journalists that This’ll be an easy budget to criticise ”. And it certainly has copped a fair share, and deservedly so, because in a nutshell, most Australians are going to hurt where it hurts most. The pocket.

Most Australian simply can’t afford to take a hit on the pocket. Among them the age pensioners, the unemployed, low-income earners, people with a disability, carers, Indigenous Australians . . . the list goes on.

The budget has not only delivered a hit on the pocket but also a kick in the guts. A kick in the guts to those Australians desperate for support.

In response the public outrage has been overwhelming. As a political watcher of some years I have never witnessed such emotion. With the advance  of social media and the subsequent access to information it brings, the…

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