Don’t let the Abbott Government Budget get one over you

The Australian Independent Media Network

Tonight is the biggest test thus far for the Abbott Government.

It’s time for their Budget.

What looks like being a reverse Robin Hood Budget for the rich.

It will be a failure.

They won’t fail my test or even yours.

They will fail their own tests. Tests they repeated ad nauseam and will be measured against for years to come.

They will break promises. They will smack the least well off and increase their cost of living.

They will not ensure “every Australian” does the “heavy lifting”.

That’s a lie.

It will not be fair. It will not be just.

It will raise taxes.

They will impose a tax on healthcare and they will impose a tax on higher incomes as well as imposing higher taxes on fuel.

Broken promises. All of them.

They will increase the cost of living.

Mainly through the measures mentioned above.

Broken promises.

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