Cormann says “Trust us”… WTF?

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Cormann says “Trust us”… WTF?

Corman Zombie Cormann Zombie

These people are totally shameless, with obvious sociopathic tendencies, as they break pretty much every promise made prior to the election, and then say… “Trust us.”

Now I could rehash the 3+ years of lies and deceit that finally paid off, with the perpetrators of said lies and deceit, the LNP, being rewarded for their dishonesty by gaining government.

Or I could wax lyrical (Surely not   😯   😀   ) about the litany of lies, that was Abbott’s election platform, but the clear pattern displayed by Abbott shows nothing more than a pathological liar, a political thug and a bully, fronting a party of  liars, thugs, bullies and incompetents.

I could also vent my spleen over the illegitimacy of a government that spent years decrying the Gillard gov as illegitimate, because of their (The LNP’s) misrepresentation of “The Carbon Tax” and…

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