The Coalition Plan for a Better Australia

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Real solutions The first thing we need to do is get rid of the toxic carbon tax.  It is destroying the joint.  After all, emissions went up.  Ok, I know that greenhouse gas emissions from the electricity sector are down about 7.6 per cent since the carbon tax was introduced, or the equivalent of about 14.8 million tonnes, and that demand has dropped as businesses and individuals adopt energy efficiency methods, but emissions from coalmine expansion and new gas plants have been soaring.  And that’s what we want!  More coal and more gas to make our country better.

And as for renewable energy, competition like that is bad for the country.  It puts up prices.  I know normally one would consider competition a good thing but not in this case.  Have you seen those wind farms?  They are U.G.L.Y they ain’t got no alibi they ugly uh huh they ugly.  I know…

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