It’s Time For the Disabled To Stand On Their Own Two Feet!

The Australian Independent Media Network


Antisocial Services Minister, Mr Kevin Undress announced today that he had no announcement on changes to the Disability Pension but that he had several things under consideration including spending money on doctors to check up on the work of other doctors. When asked if he was trying to reduce the number of people on the Disability Pension, he denied this, saying,  “This is not about targets … it’s about a better system that will actually help people because we think work is the best form of welfare.” He went on to say that this was entirely consistent with the government’s position on the Age Pension. “We promised that we wouldn’t be changing the Age Pension, and we’re not. We’re just changing the age at which people can access it. But we intend to keep it the same amount as it is now by abolishing future increases. This is what we…

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