Abbott’s only claim to fame: persecuting the utterly helpless.

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We have a government whose only claim to fame is that it has “stopped the boats”. (Whether they have stopped or not) they boast proudly of the feat, but should we the voters proud of the grotesque manner in which they have implemented this policy and of those entrusted with the task?  Jennifer Wilson, in this guest post, looks at the ugliness of both.

As far as I can tell, the Abbott government’s proudest achievement in its first one hundred days has been its ongoing persecution of asylum seekers arriving by boat. It has also been its most costly, and I refer you to this excellent ABC fact-checked site titled Operation Sovereign Borders: the first six months for a breakdown of the billions the government has committed to spending to maintain its “stop the boats” policy, and the mandatory detention of asylum seekers already apprehended.

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