Tony Abbott stuffs it up . . . again

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tony-abbott-baby_pe Fairfax’s Friday offering is from Chief Political Correspondent, Mark Kenny and comes accompanied by this impressive headline:

Tony Abbott’s pre-budget fortnight of blunders and stuff-ups

My first impression was, what only a fortnight?  Where has Mark Kenny been during the rest of Tony Abbott’s term in parliament?  Quote:

Friday is a red-letter day for the Abbott government.

It marks 100 days since any successful people-smuggling venture has made it to Australia.

But wait a moment, isn’t the article meant to be about “blunders and stuff-ups”, but suddenly and in the leading sentence Kenny introduces his article with today being “a red letter day” for Tony Abbott.

Tony Abbott’s people-smuggling “venture” a success?  Does Mark Kenny not count the previous stuff-ups?  Is the last fortnight where there apparently have been no boat arrivals, this serves as the only marker on what counts as success or otherwise?  A strange way in which…

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