Religion and Politics

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There is an old adage that warns we should never discuss religion or politics.  It’s bizarre that two such influential aspects of our lives should be off-limits.  The obvious implication is that, in these two areas, people’s minds are already made up and closed to any information, argument or change.  Are we scared that our beliefs, under scrutiny, may be shown to be flawed?  Are we unable to explain why we believe something, or hold a certain view, or support a certain religion or political party or policy?  Are we unable to be tolerant and civil?  Are we unwilling to learn?  Is it heresy to question?

There is a growing dissatisfaction and feeling of disillusionment and disappointment with both religion and politics.  To use the parlance of the day, their business model is broken.  This is hardly surprising as they have allowed very little organisational change in hundreds of years.

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