Children can’t vote

The Australian Independent Media Network

hands up Children can’t vote so they have no say in how their country is governed.  They must rely on we adults to protect their interests and to be their advocates.

So where do children rate in the Coalition’s priorities?

After assuring us that there was absolutely no difference between Labor and Liberal on education, the government has signed up the remaining states and territory to the Gonski reforms without the required state co-funding or performance obligations.  They have reneged on the bulk of the spending which was to happen in years 5 and 6.  MYEFO also contained more than $1.5 billion in education cuts, including ending the trades training centre program and slashing before and after school care assistance by $450 million.

They are throwing out the recently adopted national curriculum, the product of 26,000 submissions from concerned parties, and several years’ work by experts in the field, in favour of a…

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