To Tory Shepherd

The Australian Independent Media Network

my sign Sorry Tory, was the best I could do

To Tory Shepherd,

I was made aware of your article Grab-bag of rage as the March in March was much ado about nothing when reading Victoria Rollinson’s excellent article The missing ingredients.

I took part in the march and have read your criticism, some of which may be valid.  If I may be so bold, I would like to offer some criticism of my own.

You wish to denigrate protestors for not having professional signs?

“At the Canberra protest the UNHCR was the most professional looking outfit there, carrying polished signs (not floppy bits of cardboard).”

If you think that’s important then I am not surprised that you thought it an “incoherent outpouring of rage against the machine.”  You go on to say

“The point of March in March was to protest pretty much everything, which meant that the valid points…

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