West Australians Heed the call!

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West Australians heed the call!WA

Before the last election I heard many people who intended voting for the Abbott, stating  “Well, if he’s no good, we’ll just get rid of him next time!”

Well, with only six months down, and already the list of Abbott/LNP stuff-ups, backflips and broken promises is; not only as long as your arm, but down your leg, out the door and across the road to a lamp post   😯   , it’s hardly surprising that people are getting increasingly worried about the prospect of open slather for Abbott’s, unspoken, legislative  agenda.   👿

So with only a few short weeks until the West Australian Senate elections, I thought that I would add my voice to the throng, by way of a poem   😯


West Australians heed the call!


West Australians, heed the call

This Liberal mob have dropped the ball


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