Tassie and SA, be afraid, be very afraid!

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Tassie and SA, be afraid, be very afraid!TONY_WINTER_SM__57351.1378638419.1280.1280

OK, so you’ve both have current Labor Premiers, and your states are struggling, and in need of a change right?

Well A change to WHAT?

QLD decided that it wanted change, and we ended up with Campbell Newman, one of the most dishonest and destructive, fascist regimes that has ever raised its ugly head in this country.

Vic has just passed its own version of  QLD’s appalling VLAD laws, giving police the power to break up any demonstrations, even peaceful ones.   And curiously, just in time for the “March in March” protests across the country?   😉

NSW also has a  very unpopular LNP Government that thinks nothing of eroding workers and human rights, while supporting the big end of town.

But the really telling thing, and something that should start the ALARM BELLS ringing furiously is that Abbott said yesterday, that…

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