It will be One Term Tony in federal government if they follow the lead of NSW Premier Barry O’Corrupt

Kangaroo Court of Australia

The NSW government is in crisis and a good chance to lose the election next year after just one term in power. It is something that Prime Minister Tony Abbott and crew need to have a good look at because what is happening in NSW could easily happen federally and Mr Abbott would go down in history as “One Term Tony”.

Both the federal and NSW Liberal governments are similar in that they won power by replacing extremely corrupt Labor governments. There might not be a lot of corruption in the Abbott government yet as it is only a few months old, though a little bit is creeping in, but we will look at that last.

Firstly though lets look at NSW where the latest poll shows theLiberal government will lose the next electionwhich is due in March 2015 after only one term in  power. Remember the current NSW Liberal government…

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