“Hi Pot, this is Kettle” – Miranda Devine screams hypocrisy on behalf of the right

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Miranda Devine’s piece “The hypocrites of the left” in the The Daily Telegraph opened the floodgates of abuse towards anyone who sits to the political left, unsurprisingly, of Tony Abbott. You may wish to peruse the readers’ comments but I warn you, please brace yourselves.

The response from those of us who do sit to the political left of Tony Abbott has been somewhat less hysterical, a display of which is evident in this guest post from James Roy. In response to Devine’s article James writes:

The temptation with anything written by Miranda Devine is to immediately dismiss it as shrill and unreasoned, based on a long and established history of writing shrill, hysterical op-ed pieces for Fairfax, and now Murdoch. In any other forum she would be labeled a troll, and the best evidence of this is in the dreadful tone of the majority those commenting on her…

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