The cost of justice?

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The cost of justice?CT+F

I have to say that personally I feel very sad about the situation that Craig Thomson and his family find themselves in, as a result of the magistrates “Guilty” verdict.


And although I’ve never been a fan of Peter Slipper, (having said that, I did think he did a pretty good job as speaker, and was light years ahead of the current incompetent   :mrgreen:   )  I also feel for him and his family, for what they’ve been through at the hands of a manipulated political and legal system.


IMHO, both of these cases are symptomatic of a misused and broken system, fully exploited for maximum political gain… Now who would do such a thing?

The truth is that in this country, in the 21st century, the justice that’s available to each one of us is determined by;

  1. Who we know, and how well we’re…

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