An unfortunate incident?

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An unfortunate incident?Abbott and Morrison+

After watching the “Sovereign borders” debacles of the last few weeks, culminating in the assaults on 70+ asylum seekers, and the murder of at least one, Reza Berati, last weekend,  Scott Morrison  has proved himself to be at the very least stupid, if not downright dishonest and incompetent, and should either fall on his sword or be sacked.

The truth is that Morrison started out by accusing people of spreading unsubstantiated rumours, and warned the media not to do it?    He then went on to report unsubstantiated rumours himself.

This is a man who has been more than secretive about the workings of his portfolio, and their border protection policies (?) telling us nothing of what’s really going on, to the point where  we have to go looking to the Jakarta Post for our news and information.  But when it comes to covering their own arses…

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