What people are saying about Tony Abbott

Café Whispers

No matter what Julia Gillard says or does, the mainstream media (MSM) will seek out someone to have a whinge about it. Whether it’s wearing glasses, wearing new clothes, visiting Western Sydney or visiting a classroom, the MSM will miraculously find a throng of people who reckon Julia’s done a bad thing.

We never hear about what people think of Tony Abbott. Because he’s larger than God in the eyes of the MSM it would be blasphemy for a dissenting word to be muttered against him. Displeasure of the man is forbidden. Except for those who participate in social media, we never get to hear what the people on the street think of him.

So I started asking questions to random but willing subjects. The question to each was: “In a few words, what do you think of Tony Abbott?”

Here are the results.

John, 45 of Sydney:

He’s a…

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