Such outrage?

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outrage1+Such outrage?

Is it just me , or has anyone else noticed the extreme outrage that has been displayed  by LNP MP’s?

I ask this, because it seems to me that the amount of outrage displayed is, to a large degree, determined by the size of their own stuff ups, and by the level of ideological imperative attached to a particular policy.   😯

A case in point is the grossly out of proportion tirade unleashed upon the ABC, by a seemingly apoplectic Defence minister, as a result of the allegations against Navy personnel.

We have witnessed plenty of outrage from Most, if not all, of Abbott’s nut-job mates (LNP MP’s), over the  “Carbon Tax”, fed and built upon by a plethora of lies and misrepresentations relating to the fiscal impacts and lack of emissions reductions.

Now we know that Abbott is still pushing the “Carbon Tax” barrow, even…

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