Are the people stirring?

Café Whispers

Does one get the feeling, there is something very unusual arising in the community? It is not anger or rage. Much deeper than that. It is not about politics or parties.

It is as if a body of people is standing up, and quietly saying enough is enough.

It is being driven by no one.

I think that asylum seeker having his throat slit might be the final straw.

I have joined up with the Getup group in my area. Yes, many people willing to take a stand. Very few have any interest in connection with any party. They all appear sincere about bringing about a change,

Most are not young.

If I am correct, Labor will have to be very careful how they manage things. I suspect these people are not interested in politics, in fact, many are saying a pox on all houses.

One is picking the same…

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