What’s Right? Thoughts from a Negative Gearing Capitalist Who Owns Shares In A Gold Company

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Liberal Party p

“Finally, there’s the continuing urge to make the economic crisis a morality play, a tale in which a depression is the necessary consequence of prior sins and must not be alleviated. Deficit spending and low interest rates just seem wrong to many people, perhaps especially to central bankers and other financial officials, whose sense of self-worth is bound up with the idea of being the grown-ups who say no.” End This Depression Now by Paul Krugman.

Ok, I can understand why people are confused about left and right. Partly, it’s because people lie about who they are. For instance, I heard someone on talkback announce that they were a “dyed in the wool” Labor voter, but they couldn’t help wonder why people thought that the dole was the first thing that people think of when – like the car industry workers – they were made redundant. As it was on…

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