Rewriting history.

Truth Seekers Musings

Rewriting history.

This poem was inspired by Abbott’s “Davos” speech— he’s such an inspiration—   😯   Nyaaahahahahah   😆   😆   😆   …

But I digress… (Surely not?)   😀

Seriously though, I have to say that I stand in awe of the Abbott’s ability to get up on the world stage and proudly display such… Gross stupidity   😯

And on that bombshell… I give you:

Rewriting History.


Tony Abbott’s “Davos” speech

Was something to behold

A fantasy of right wing spin

Was what the Abbott told

A story of the LNP

And how they saved the nation

From an inconvenient GFC   😯

What wild imagination?


But he likes to rewrite history

On that he has some form

Saying things… And then denying them,

For Abbott is the norm

Along with broken promises and

Claiming credit for others work

And heaping praise upon…

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