I W ish I Were A Liberal. By John O’Callaghan.

I wish i were a Liberal i really wish i do

then i could tell you people exactly what to do

i would swagger with a rhythm and a sycophantic bent

and if ever i am questioned i could simply just repent…..

I thought it would be easy this epiphany of mine

to embrace the Lib philosophy which is surely not a crime

but i needed expert guidance some mentors of repute

a political Beethoven or a conservative magic flute……..

I had heard about a man who was big in Sydney town

his fans called him God his opponents called him clown

so i managed a liaison with a man called Mr Drones

who proceeded to instruct me on the Liberal party tome…..

Now i couldn’t quite decipher his words just made no sense

in fact i thought they sounded,well,rather rather bent

he told me i was stupid and bellowed a decree

that progressive ways of thinking would lead to purgoraty…….

Now i quickly changed direction down south to Melbourne town

where the Holy Grail was waiting which im sure will be profound

but Christmas was approaching then the Herald angel sung

of freedom,free speech and equality, for all the Southern Sons……..

Then a hand shot out to greet me like a bolt out of the blue

he promised to introduce me to a man he called Guru

this Guru would inspire me would listen to my fears

like an Audio Pachydermos with two gigantic ears…….

He sat down and recited from a little book of blue

but halfway through summation i said it sounded like bulls poo

he roared at me in anger and took me by surprise

i think your’e just a progressive plant and your’e not even from my tribe……

My mind began to wonder just what could i do next

so i decided to seek opinion from the opposite fairer sex

i’d heard about this lady a speaker of renown

so i saddled up the bronco and rode to Canberra town…..

Her presence was formidable like an ancient warrior Queen

and the crown that sat upon her head the likes iv’e never seen

but when i asked my question on the Lib philosophy

she said You Are Out Of Order now please leave my company…….

I said i beg to differ your ruling is not fair

but she just smiled and walked away as if i wasn’t there

then suddenly i was accosted by a swarm of vicious bees

they stung me to submission and brought me to my knees……

By now i’d had a gutfull and the penny finally dropped

why these bloody stupid idealogues have really lost the plot

they bluster and they holler and shed their crocodile tears

their just filling in a vacuum just reeling in the years…….

My Father fought for freedom at this place El Alamein

so you and i would never face that threat again

some mates were killed in action some granted a reprieve

and once their wounds were tendered sent to fight the Japanese……..

Now this Government is trashing our forebears legacy

so no more will i seek Liberal i hope you will agree

they are blatant opportunist an evil cruel regime

and it’s something that Australia has never ever seen……

And so i have determined as determined as i can be

to never wish upon myself an LNP Party

they can keep their lords and laidies their knighthoods and their dames

and people who support them should hang their heads in shame……

So my message to the Government of any shape or hue

is to govern for the Country not just the chosen few

cause if you just ignore us our vote we will redact

and we will rise up and defeat you, and take our Country back………


Down & Dirty Downunder: Election 2022

The Max Gross Archive

Written by Max Gross, 1 May 2022

‘The Liberal Party has tended to avoid worrying the electorate with actual policies, focusing instead on proving the truth of the observation from H.L. Mencken to the effect that ‘the whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.’

I stopped watching televised news after the 2019 federal election. I just use the TV screen to watch Netflix or DVDs now. For the 2022 election I have avoided most “news” reports about it and have just dabbled here and there on social media and independent online news sites. So much better for my blood pressure!

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Sideshow Scott’s Covid19 Show & Tell

Haha… Sideshow Scott……… great article….

The Max Gross Archive


Written by Max Gross, 30 March 2020

With 37 per cent of Australia’s workforce at risk of job loss because of businesses and workplaces ceasing operation due to the novel coronavirus pandemic,  my other half is working from home and is lucky her employers could arrange that.

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Hey Hey Ho Ho! Bothism has got to Go!

The Red Window

An emboldened Morrison Government means that Labor under an Albanese Leadership will respond very differently to what we are used to. How we respond to Labor under Albo’s leadership is something we should discuss. For one, Bothism has got to go!

It’s About the Long Game

In an interview with the Guardian this week, Labor leader, Anthony Albanese gave us an insight into how Labor will respond in the current political environment. Our response to that is crucial. What he put forward and the space we are in at the moment, impacts on how this will play out for Labor. Our response to Labor, as they navigate the worker hating evangelist gobshite with no visible agenda, is crucial.

Firstly, despite plenty of doubts, particularly on Twitter, Albanese firmly plants his feet as a progressive with a progressive history.

“I’m a progressive. I’ve been active for a very long period of…

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The Max Gross Archive

Scorched earth agenda ramps up after LNP scrapes back into government

Written by Max Gross
Saturday 1 June 2019

“That’s a slogan, not a policy” – Anthony Albanese

“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want too test a man’s character, give him power” – Abraham Lincoln

“He who wins through fraud is not a winner” – Umar ibn al-Khattab (Al-Farooq)

“Aussies are happy in their materialistic world as long as water is coming out of the tap and nothing bad lands on their doorstep” – Sue C.

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George Pell: Guilty of child sexual assault

Untitled-4.pngClose confidante of former Prime Minister Tony Abbott, George Pell, Australia’s most senior Catholic, has been found guilty of child sexual abuse.

A jury delivered the unanimous verdict on 11 December in Melbourne’s county court, but the result was subject to a suppression order and could not be reported until now.

Despite spending up to $2 million on a top legal team, bankrolled by a trust fund, the Cardinal lost his fight against the charges. He will not return to Rome and may end his days in a jail cell with his name on the sex offender’s register

He was found guilty of violent sex assaults against two young choirboys.

The jury of eight men and four women took three and half days to rule unanimously that the Cardinal, who stepped aside from his role in Rome when he was charged by Victoria Police in June 2017, attacked the boys…

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On the dangerous dishonesty of Rule of Law


With an outbreak of interest in and ignorance of two legal precepts, Rule of Law and the 1500-year-old lex iniusta non est lexan unjust law is no law at all, here is a bit of background on origins, authors, influences, and adherents.

The bones of the debate are this: the highest placed union leader in Australia, Sally McManus, was asked by Leigh Sales on 730 (ABC1) if she “believes” in the Rule of Law. McManus based her reply on the natural law philosophy that laws must have a moral dimension and a relationship to justice – and ought not cause injustices.

Over the years, philosophers have disagreed on the correct response to an unjust law, and have attempted to codify types of injustice. Do we leave the state which makes unjust laws for a more just society which does not? Do we obey the unjust law for the…

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